BERGER GRUPPE GMBH manufactures grinding, polishing and grinding equipment since 1930. Currently, BERGER equipment is available in 70 countries and used by companies such as MORA, Kershow, Spyderco, BOCH as well as leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, medical instrument and manual tools, including cutting. In 2014, BERGER company entered the Russian market.


"PC DELTA" Ltd. is the exclusive dealer of BERGER company on the territory of the Russian Federation. Equipment delivery is carried out in short timeframe, we will provide you the best payment terms. It is possible to sign a supply contract directly with BERGER or with our company.

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Official Representative Office in RussiaOfficial Representative Office in Russia

  • Surface grinding machines

    Surface grinding machines, machines for concave sanding, finish sanding and scotch-brite surface treatment. The equipment of BERGER company provides high quality products.

  • Machines with rotary table

    We have a full line of BERGER company polishing machines. Unilateral and vertical polishing machines, robotic and CNC system, polishing equipment.

  • Machines for processing edges

  • Equipment for curved grinding

  • Grinding equipment

  • Robotic and CNC complexes

  • Semi-finished sorting systems

Transparency in working with customers

  • Clarification of purposes and items of necessary equipment.
  • Visit of engineer for consultancy and technical specifications preparation.
  • Adjustments to technical specification.
  • Calculation of the cost of the equipment.
  • Harmonization of the supply contract.
  • Equipment verification before delivery.
  • Equipment delivery.
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment with the involvement of engineers from BERGER.

  • Surface grinding equipment

    CNC grinding machines with a 3-5-axis grinding table and horizontal grinding spindle for grinding surfaces like knives, scissors, hand tools and other products of this type.

  • Curved grinding

    Grinding machine with CNC with 4-6 positional table for sanding curves on the cutting surfaces like garden shears, pruning shears, axes, hand tools and circular knives.

  • Grinding on rotary tables

    A CNC sanding machine for rational two-sided grinding of parallel surfaces like keys, mites, hammers, chisels, swords or tapered surfaces like adjustable keys.

  • Grinding equipment

    Sharpening machines with CNC, having up to 3 axes for sharpening blades and knives. Sharpening circles coated with cubic boron nitride provide up to 10'000 sharpening. Step adjustment of the grinding angle is changed by two movements.

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